Synonyms and Antonyms of SUFFOCATE

to be or cause to be killed by lack of breathable air <the law requires the owner of a discarded refrigerator to remove its door so that a child won't get trapped inside and suffocate>
Related Words garrote (or garotte), throttle; asphyxiate; drown; croak [slang], destroy, dispatch, do in, fell, slay
to keep (someone) from breathing by exerting pressure on the windpipe <temporarily suffocated by the seat belt>
Synonyms garrote (or garotte), strangle, suffocate, throttle
Related Words asphyxiate, smother, stifle; scrag
Near Antonyms restore, resuscitate, revive
to experience complete or partial blockage of the windpipe <suffocating in the thick, black smoke of the burning building>
Synonyms gag, suffocate
Near Antonyms breathe, respire; expire, inspire


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