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Synonyms and Antonyms of redolence

  1. 1 a sweet or pleasant smell <breathed in the redolence of the apple orchard> Synonyms aroma, attar (also otto), balm, bouquet, fragrancy, incense, perfume, fragrance, scent, spiceRelated Words essence, odorAntonyms fetor, malodor, reek, stench, stink

  2. 2 the quality of a thing that makes it perceptible to the sense organs in the nose <the redolence of fir trees always reminds me of Christmas> Synonyms aroma, odor, smell, scent, sniffRelated Words whiff; attar (also otto), bouquet, fragrance, fragrancy, perfume; ambrosia, lusciousness, savor (also savour), savoriness, spice, tang; acridness, fetidness, fetor, foulness, funk, gaminess, malodor, noisomeness, rancidity, rankness, reek, stench, stink; aromaticity, odoriferousness, odorousness; incense, musk

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