Definition of ORDER

to put into a particular arrangement <I've ordered all of my CDs according to type of music> <he likes to order his life so that there are few surprises>
to give a request or demand for <the players ordered hamburgers for lunch>
Synonyms ask (for), put in (for), request, requisition
Related Words commission, solicit; charter, hire, license (also licence)
Phrases call for
to request the doing of by virtue of one's authority <the teacher ordered that everyone sit down immediately and be quiet>
Related Words ask, petition, request; demand, require
Near Antonyms cancel, countermand, rescind
to issue orders to (someone) by right of authority <the police officer ordered the crowd to back away from the suspect>
Synonyms adjure, bid, boss (around), charge, direct, enjoin, instruct, order, tell
Near Antonyms comply (with), follow, keep, observe
Antonyms mind, obey

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