Definition of MIRE

soft wet earth <played on a football field that was thick with mire>
Synonyms guck (or gook), mire, muck, ooze, slime, slop, sludge, slush
Related Words gumbo, silt; clay, dirt, gravel, humus, loam, sand, soil
spongy land saturated or partially covered with water <much of the land in that area is mire that cannot be developed>
Synonyms bog, fen, marsh, marshland, mire, moor, morass, muskeg, slough (also slew or slue), swampland, wash, wetland
Related Words swale; quagmire; guck (or gook), muck, mud, ooze, slime, slop, sludge, slush
a difficult, puzzling, or embarrassing situation from which there is no easy escape <an abused wife who was hopelessly stuck in a mire of emotional dependency>

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