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Synonyms and Antonyms of medico

  1. a person specially trained in healing human medical disorders <a woman who is suspicious of all medicos, regardless of their credentials> Synonyms croaker [slang], doc, medic, doctor, physician, sawbones [slang]Related Words family doctor, family physician, family practitioner, general practitioner; anesthesiologist, dermatologist, gynecologist, internist, neurologist, ob-gyn, obstetrician, ophthalmologist, orthopedist, pathologist, pediatrician (also pediatrist), physiatrist, podiatrist, radiologist, urologist; attending, clinician, hospitalist; specialist; plastic surgeon, surgeon; intern (also interne), resident; aidman, nurse, nurse-practitioner; EMT, paramedic (also paramedical); physical therapist, physiotherapistAntonyms nondoctor, nonphysician

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