Synonyms and Antonyms of LOT

a small piece of land that is developed or available for development <the softball team often plays in the vacant lot down at the end of the street>
a considerable amount <you'll need to do a lot of studying for the test> <you sure bought a lot of clothing>
Phrases all kinds (of), quite a bit
a small area of usually open land <there were still plenty of Christmas trees available for sale in the lot>
Related Words common(s), croft [chiefly British]; grass, green, greensward, lawn; glade, grassland, heath, heathland, lea (or ley), meadow, moor, pasture, pastureland
a number of things considered as a unit <the auctioneer next introduced a lot containing several pieces of fine china>
Near Antonyms entity, item, single, unit
a state or end that seemingly has been decided beforehand <will it always be my lot to be picked last in gym class?>
a group of people sharing a common interest and relating together socially <you should stop hanging out with that lot, or you'll end up in trouble>
Near Antonyms loner; individualist
a usually small number of persons considered as a unit <the school is indeed fortunate in its science teachers, because there's not a bad one in the lot>
Near Antonyms individual, single


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