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Synonyms and Antonyms of hunk

  1. 1 a physically attractive man <her new boyfriend is quite the hunk> Synonyms beefcake, pretty boy, stud, superstud Related Words babe [slang], dish, doll, dreamboat [slang], eye candy, eyeful, fox, knockout, stunner; lady-killer, sheik, womanizer Near Antonyms dog, grotesquerie (also grotesquery), monster, nerd

  2. 2 a small uneven mass <what looked like a hunk of potato in her stew turned out to be a pebble> Synonyms blob, chunk, clod, clot, clump, dollop, glob, gob, gobbet, lump, knob, nub, nubble, nugget, wadRelated Words bead, drop, globule; block, body, bulk; particle, piece, portion; bit, chip, crumb, granule, morsel, nubbin, patch, scrap

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to criticize in a loud and angry way

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