Definition of HIGH

extending to a great distance upward <as the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is mountaineering's holy grail>
Near Antonyms flat, stubby, stumpy
Antonyms low, low-lying, short, squat
being at a higher level than average <gasoline prices are high right now> <a high fever> <people with high incomes>
Near Antonyms decreased, depressed, dropped, knockdown [chiefly British], receded, under
Antonyms down, low
located at a greater height than average or usual <an eagle's nest high on the cliff> <an old house with high ceilings>
Antonyms low, low-lying
being under the influence of alcohol <not only has he never been high, he has never even tasted alcohol>
Antonyms sober, straight
commanding a large price <the concert tickets weren't cheap—you don't even want to know how high they were>
Antonyms cheap, inexpensive
having, characterized by, or arising from a dignified and generous nature <she had the highest intentions, but her help turned out to be a disaster>
being under the influence of a recreational drug <he's clean now, but when he was younger he used to get high every day>
Related Words addicted, hooked
Antonyms sober, straight

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