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Synonyms and Antonyms of godless

  1. lacking religious emotions, principles, or practices <treated the God-fearing and the godless with equal respect and compassion> Synonyms irreligious, nonreligious, religionlessRelated Words churchless, unchurched; heathen, pagan, paganish, ungodly, unholy; blasphemous, impious, irreverent, profanatory, sacrilegious; agnostic, atheistic (or atheistical); unconsecrated, unhallowed; profane, secular, temporal, worldlyNear Antonyms devout, God-fearing, godly, holy, pious, prayerful, reverent, sainted, saintly, worshipful, worshipping (also worshiping); sanctimonious; blessed (also blest), consecrated, hallowed, sacred, sacrosanct, sanctified; devotional, spiritualAntonyms religious

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