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Synonyms and Antonyms of dike

  1. 1 a bank of earth constructed to control water <an elaborate system of dikes built to protect the lowlands from the relentless onslaught of the sea> Synonyms dam, embankment, head, leveeRelated Words breakwater, jetty, seawall; breastwork, bulwark, earthwork, rampart; canal, channel, ditch, gutter, trough; lock; barricade, barrier, block; floodgate, sluice; barrage, milldam, stank [British], weir

  2. 2 a long narrow channel dug in the earth <water flowed along the dike to the small pond> Synonyms ditch, fosse (or foss), gutter, sheugh [chiefly Scottish], trench, troughRelated Words acequia [Southwest], culvert, drain, draw, gully (also gulley), ravine; drill, furrow; ha-ha, moat, stank [British dialect], sunk fence; kennel

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