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Synonyms and Antonyms of dexterity

  1. 1 mental skill or quickness <the ambassador showed great dexterity in his handling of the touchy situation> Synonyms adroitness, cleverness, finesse, sleight Related Words ability, aptitude, capability, capacity, faculty, knack, prowess, talent; competence, competency, efficiency, expertise, know-how, proficiency; ingeniousness, ingenuity, resourcefulness; savvy, sharpness, shrewdness; artfulness, artifice, caginess (also cageyness), canniness, craft, craftiness, cunning, cunningness, deviousness, foxiness, guile, slickness, slyness, sneakiness, subtleness, wiliness Near Antonyms inadequacy, incompetence, incompetency, ineptitude, ineptness; brainlessness, denseness, density, doltishness, dopiness, dullness (also dulness), dumbness, fatuity, foolishness, mindlessness, obtuseness, senselessness, simpleness, slowness, stupidity, stupidness, witlessness

  2. 2 ease and grace in physical activity <the juggler needed lots of dexterity in order to keep all five balls in the air at the same time> Synonyms agility, deftness, nimbleness, sleight, spryness Related Words coordination; flexibility, gracefulness, limberness, litheness, loose-jointedness, suppleness; handiness, sure-handedness; sure-footedness; adeptness, adroitness, finesse, prowess Near Antonyms disability, inability, incapability, incapacity; debilitation, disablement, impairment, incapacitation; unhandiness Antonyms awkwardness, clumsiness, gaucheness, gawkiness, gawkishness, gracelessness, ham-handedness, heavy-handedness, klutziness, ungainliness

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