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Synonyms and Antonyms of detriment

  1. 1 something that causes loss or pain <opponents of casino gambling claim that it is a detriment to society at large> Synonyms affliction, damage, injury, harm, hurtRelated Words disservice, injustice, outrage, wrong; affront, dart, indignity, insult, offense (or offence); beating, crippling, mayhem, mutilation; defacement, disability, disablement, disfigurement, impairment; lesion; rupture, strain; abrasion, chafe, scrape, scratch; boo-boo, bruise, contusion, swelling, wound; bump, concussion; cut, gash, laceration; burn, scald, scar, scathe, searNear Antonyms healing, recovery; cure, fix, remedy

  2. 2 the negative result caused by something that creates difficulty for achieving success <the requirement that runners wear shoes for the race worked to his detriment since he was used to running barefoot> Synonyms despite, disadvantage, disfavor, penaltyRelated Words deficit, deprivation, expense, loss; damage, harm, hurt, injury; prejudiceNear Antonyms gainAntonyms advantage, favor

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