Definition of CRASH

to cause to break with violence and much noise <crashed the vase against the wall>
to come into usually forceful contact with something <the speeding car crashed into the tree with horrifying results>
Near Antonyms miss, skirt
to stop functioning <my computer crashed yet again>
Antonyms start (up)
to force one's way <the drunken partygoer crashed into my room and promptly passed out>
Related Words ram, shove, thrust
to go to a lower level especially abruptly <sales of that digital camera have crashed since the competing version came out>
slangĀ  to go to one's bed in order to sleep <I'm so exhausted that I'm just going to crash as soon as we get home>
Synonyms crash [slang], doss (down) [chiefly British], retire, turn in
Antonyms arise, get up, rise, uprise
slangĀ  to reside as a temporary guest <I'm going to crash at my sister's apartment when I'm in New York>
Synonyms crash [slang], sojourn, stay, tarry
Related Words come by, come over, drop by, drop in, run in, step in, stop (by); frequent, hang (around or out), haunt; inhabit, occupy
Near Antonyms abide, dwell, live, reside

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