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Synonyms and Antonyms of countryman

  1. 1 a person living in or originally from the same country as another <met a fellow Canadian countryman while traveling in France> Synonyms compatriot, landsmanRelated Words countrywoman; nationalist, patriot; citizen, national, subject; aborigine, native;, residentNear Antonyms alien, foreigner, immigrant, outsider

  2. 2 an awkward or simple person especially from a small town or the country <though neither well-educated nor well-dressed, the countryman presented the farmers' case before the state legislature> Synonyms bumpkin, chawbacon, churl, clodhopper, cornball, hick, hayseed, hillbilly, provincial, rube, rustic, yokelRelated Words boor, clod, clown, gawk, lout, oaf; greenhorn, tenderfoot; peasant, peon; backwoodsman, mountaineerNear Antonyms slicker, smoothy (or smoothie); metropolitan, suburbanite, urbaniteAntonyms cosmopolitan, cosmopolite, sophisticate

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