Synonyms and Antonyms of CLUB

a heavy rigid stick used as a weapon or for punishment <hit the prisoner with a club if he tries anything funny>
Synonyms bastinado (or bastinade), bat, baton, billy, billy club, bludgeon, cane, cudgel, nightstick, rod, rung [Scottish], sap, shillelagh (also shillalah), staff, truncheon, waddy [Australian]
the meeting place of an organization <the Elks gather at their club every Monday evening>
Synonyms clubhouse, lodge
a bar or restaurant offering special nighttime entertainment (as music, dancing, or comedy acts) <a weekly newspaper column devoted to current happenings on the local club scene>
Synonyms bistro, boîte, cabaret, café (also cafe), club, nightspot, nitery (also niterie), roadhouse, supper club
Related Words a-go-go, disco, discotheque (or discothéque); barroom, pub [chiefly British], public house [chiefly British], saloon, tavern; clip joint [slang], dive, honky-tonk, key club, speakeasy; canteen, watering hole, watering place


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