Synonyms and Antonyms of CLOSE

having little space between items or parts <the soldiers marched in close formation against the enemy>
Near Antonyms commodious, roomy, spacious
Antonyms airy, loose, open, uncrowded
not being distant in time, space, or significance <my birthday is close to Christmas> <a shopping mall that is very close to the highway> <these words are close synonyms>
Phrases at hand, to hand
Near Antonyms divorced, removed, separated
showing little difference in the standing of the competitors <the election results were so close that the votes had to be recounted>
Related Words crowded
given to keeping one's activities hidden from public observation or knowledge <she was as close as a stone when it came to talking about her love life>
lacking fresh air <a small room with an uncomfortably close atmosphere>
Antonyms airy, breezy, unstuffy
meeting the highest standard of accuracy <a close analysis of the box-office performance of action movies>

April 26, 2015
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