Synonyms and Antonyms of CHARGE

to set or receive as a price <any shop would charge $100 to repair that thing>
Synonyms ask, command, demand
to establish or apply as a charge or penalty <charges a restocking fee for returned merchandise>
Synonyms assess, charge, exact, fine, lay, levy, put
Antonyms remit
to give a task, duty, or responsibility to <we're charging you with the care of your little sister while we're gone for the evening>
to issue orders to (someone) by right of authority <charged the soldier to keep watch over the prisoner>
Synonyms adjure, bid, boss (around), charge, direct, enjoin, instruct, order, tell
Near Antonyms comply (with), follow, keep, observe
Antonyms mind, obey
to make a claim of wrongdoing against <he has not yet been charged with any crime>
to put into (something) as much as can be held or contained <charge a blast furnace with iron ore>
to take sudden, violent action against <plans to charge the enemy's fortification at daybreak>
Synonyms assail, assault, beset, bushwhack, charge, descend (on or upon), go in (on), jump (on), pounce (on or upon), raid, rush, set on, sic (also sick), storm, strike, trash, turn (on)
Near Antonyms cover, defend, guard, protect, secure, shield
to cause a pleasurable stimulation of the feelings of <the players are going into this game still charged from their upset victory the week before>


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