Synonyms and Antonyms of CHARGE

a formal claim of criminal wrongdoing against a person <charges of burglary and armed robbery that have yet to be proved>
a specific task with which a person or group is charged <your charge is to keep everyone else organized and busy>
a statement of what to do that must be obeyed by those concerned <we've received an official charge about how to handle the situation>
something one must do because of prior agreement <the first charge of our armed forces is to defend this country against enemy attack>
the act or action of setting upon with force or violence <the famously disastrous charge led by General George Pickett at Gettysburg>
the amount of money that is demanded as payment for something <the charge for the book will be five dollars>
the duty or function of watching or guarding for the sake of proper direction or control <was given charge of the business during the owner's absence>
a payment made in the course of achieving a result <the charges mounted at a dizzying pace as the building project went way over budget>
a pleasurably intense stimulation of the feelings <the slopes at this resort aren't particularly challenging and aren't likely to give expert skiers much of a charge>
the act or activity of looking after and making decisions about something <he inherited charge of the Paris bureau after his supervisor quit>


July 06, 2015
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absolute or relating to a category
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