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Synonyms and Antonyms of appositely

  1. in a manner suitable for the occasion or purpose <the young painter has been appositely compared with the most prominent artists of the previous century> <such inexcusably boorish behavior is fully deserving of an appositely harsh reprimand> Synonyms properly, appropriately, congruously, correctly, duly, fittingly, happily, meetly, right, rightly, suitablyRelated Words well; acceptably, adequately, passably, satisfactorily, tolerably; decently, decorouslyNear Antonyms unacceptably, unsatisfactorily; inopportunely, unfortunately, unseasonably; inappositely, inaptly, irrelevantly; awkwardly, ungracefullyAntonyms improperly, inappropriately, incongruously, incorrectly, unseemly, unsuitably, wrongly

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