Definition of ACTUALITY

the fact of being or of being real <the actuality of the Abominable Snowman is not taken seriously by scientists>
the quality of being actual <the actuality of equal opportunity depends on more than just having laws that supposedly ensure it>
Near Antonyms fancy, fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, fictitiousness; dreaminess, surreality
the state of being actual or complete <the actuality of a manned flight to the moon would never have been believed a hundred years ago>
Related Words success, triumph
Near Antonyms defeat, failure, fizzle, nonsuccess
Antonyms naught (also nought), nonfulfillment
something that actually exists <these estimated tax revenues, from casinos that have yet to be built, are being treated as actualities>
Antonyms fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, illusion

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