Vincent's angina

Vin·cent's angina

\ˌvin(t)-sən(t)s-, (ˌ)vaⁿ-ˌsäⁿz-\

Definition of VINCENT'S ANGINA

: acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis in which the ulceration has spread to surrounding tissues (as of the pharynx and tonsils)—called also trench mouth

Biographical Note for VINCENT'S ANGINA

Vin·cent \vaⁿ-saⁿ\ Jean Hyacinthe (1862–1950), French bacteriologist. Vincent was a researcher and later director at various French laboratories engaged in bacteriological and epidemiological research. In 1896 he described a fusiform bacillus and a spirochete which in association are the cause of hospital gangrene. These bacteria are called Vincent's organisms. Two years later he demonstrated that these two microorganisms are present in necrotizing ulcerative infections of the gums, tonsils, and throat; two forms of these infections are now known as Vincent's angina and acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis or Vincent's infection.

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