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Medical Dictionary


adj veg·e·ta·tive \ˈvej-ə-ˌtāt-iv\

Medical Definition of VEGETATIVE

a (1) :  growing or having the power of growing (2) :  of, relating to, or engaged in nutritive and growth functions as contrasted with reproductive functions <a vegetative nucleus> b :  of, relating to, or involving propagation by nonsexual processes or methods
:  of or relating to the division of nature comprising the plant kingdom
:  affecting, arising from, or relating to involuntary bodily functions
:  characterized by, resulting from, or being a state in which there is total loss of cognitive functioning typically indicated by a lack of awareness of oneself and one's environment and in which only involuntary bodily functions (as breathing or blinking of the eyes) are sustained <entered a vegetative state following a serious head injury>
veg·e·ta·tive·ly adverb
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