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adj sen·si·tive \ˈsen(t)-sət-iv, ˈsen(t)-stiv\

Medical Definition of SENSITIVE

:  sensory 2 <sensitive nerves>
a :  receptive to sense impressions b :  capable of being stimulated or excited by external agents (as light, gravity, or contact) <a photographic emulsion sensitive to red light> <sensitive protoplasm>
:  highly responsive or susceptible: as a :  easily hurt or damaged <sensitive skin>; especially :  easily hurt emotionally b :  excessively or abnormally susceptible :  hypersensitive <sensitive to egg protein> c :  capable of indicating minute differences <sensitive scales> d :  readily affected or changed by various agents (as light or mechanical shock) <a sensitive colloid>
sen·si·tive·ness noun
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