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selective estrogen receptor modulator


Medical Definition of selective estrogen receptor modulator

  1. :  any of a class of drugs (as raloxifene or tamoxifen) that bind with estrogen receptors (as of the breast, uterus, or bone) and act as agonists to enhance estrogen activity in some tissues and as antagonists to inhibit estrogen activity in other tissues <… a selective estrogen receptor modulator, or SERM, has estrogenlike effects on bone but acts like an antiestrogen in breast and uterine tissue, thus protecting against hormone-stimulated cancers …—Jane E. Brody, The New York Times, 22 Apr. 2003> <Selective estrogen receptor modulators, a newer group of agents, maximize the beneficial effects of estrogen on bone and minimize its deleterious effects on the breast and endometrium.—Charles Marwick, The Journal of the American Medical Association, 26 Apr. 2000>—called also SERM

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