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Medical Dictionary


adj sec·ond·ary \ˈsek-ən-ˌder-ē\

Medical Definition of SECONDARY

:  not first in order of occurrence or development: as a :  dependent or consequent on another disease <secondary diabetes> <Bright's disease is often secondary to scarlet fever> b :  occurring or being in the second stage <secondary symptoms of syphilis> c :  occurring some time after the original injury <a secondary hemorrhage>
:  characterized by or resulting from the substitution of two atoms or groups in a molecule <a secondary salt>; especially :  being, characterized by, or attached to a carbon atom having bonds to two other carbon atoms
:  relating to or being the three-dimensional coiling of the polypeptide chain of a protein especially in the form of an alpha-helix—compare primary 4, tertiary 2c
sec·ond·ari·ly \ˌsek-ən-ˈder-ə-lē\ adverb
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