Reichert-Meissl number

Rei·chert–Meissl num·ber

noun \ˈrī-kərt-ˈmī-səl-ˌnəm-bər\


: a Reichert value expressed as the milliliters of tenth-normal alkali required to neutralize the acids obtained from five grams of fat by a specified method of saponification and distillation—called also Reichert-Meissl value

Biographical Note for REICHERT-MEISSL NUMBER

Rei·chert \ˈrī-ert\ , Emil (1838–1894), German food scientist. In 1879 Reichert introduced a method for determining the proportion of volatile water-soluble fatty acids present in butter, fats, and oils.
Meissl, Emerich (flourished 1879–1882), German chemist. Meissl is known to have written an article on the testing of yeast.

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