noun \bed-ˈsō-nē-ə\
plural bed·so·ni·ae \-nē-ˌē, -ˌī\

Definition of BEDSONIA

: chlamydia 2a

Biographical Note for BEDSONIA

Bed·son \ˈbed-sən\ , Sir Samuel Phillips (1886–1969), English bacteriologist. Bedson undertook important original research on blood platelets and their relationships with various hemorrhagic states. He concentrated upon the study of filterable viruses. In 1930 Bedson, George T. Western, and Samuel L. Simpson reported their discovery that the causative agent of psittacosis is filterable. A former name for the group of microorganisms that includes this causative agent honors Bedson. In other research on viruses he made significant serological investigations into primary atypical and viral pneumonias and the use of penicillin in treating those infections.

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