Medical Dictionary


noun os·si·fi·ca·tion \ˌäs-ə-fə-ˈkā-shən\

Medical Definition of OSSIFICATION

a :  the process of bone formation usually beginning at particular centers in each prospective bone and involving the activities of special osteoblasts that segregate and deposit inorganic bone substance about themselves—compare calcification a b :  an instance of this process
a :  the condition of being altered into a hard bony substance <ossification of soft tissue> b :  a mass or particle of ossified tissue :  a calcareous deposit in the tissues <ossifications in the aortic wall>
os·si·fi·ca·to·ry \ˈäs-ə-fə-kə-ˌtōr-ē, -ˌtr-; especially British ˌäs-ə-fə-ˈkāt-(ə-)rē\ adjective
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