adj \ˌn(y)r-ə-ˈjen-ik\

Definition of NEUROGENIC

a : originating in nervous tissue <a neurogenic tumor> b : induced, controlled, or modified by nervous factors <neurogenic intestinal lesions> <a neurogenic suckling reflex>; especially : disordered because of abnormally altered neural relations <the neurogenic kidney>
a : constituting the neural component of a bodily process <neurogenic factors in disease> b : taking place or viewed as taking place in ordered rhythmic fashion under the control of a network of nerve cells scattered in the cardiac muscle <a neurogenic heartbeat>—compare myogenic 2
neu·ro·gen·i·cal·ly \-ˈjen-i-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Variants of NEUROGENIC

neu·ro·gen·ic also neu·rog·e·nous \n(y)-ˈräj-ə-nəs\

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