meibomian gland

mei·bo·mian gland

noun, often capitalized M \mī-ˈbō-mē-ən-\


: one of the long sebaceous glands of the eyelids that discharge a fatty secretion which lubricates the eyelids—called also tarsal gland; see chalazion

Biographical Note for MEIBOMIAN GLAND

Mei·bom \ˈmī-ˌbōm\ , Heinrich (1638–1700), German physician. A professor of medicine at Helmstadt, Germany, Meibom accurately described the sebaceous glands of the eyelids in 1666. Although they are now identified with Meibom, the glands had been figured by the Italian anatomist Giulio Casserio (1561–1616) in 1609, and their existence has been known since the time of Galen.

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