maladie de Roger

mal·a·die de Ro·ger

noun \ˌmal-ə-ˈdē-də-rō-ˈzhā\

Definition of MALADIE DE ROGER

: a small usually asymptomatic defect in the septum between the ventricles

Biographical Note for MALADIE DE ROGER

Ro·ger \r-zhā\ Henri–Louis (1809–1891), French physician. Roger made his principal contribution in pediatrics and was the first to give systematic clinical instruction in this field. His early research centered on auscultation, a subject on which he wrote a monograph. In 1879 he described an abnormal congenital opening between the ventricles of the heart; this congenital defect is now known as the maladie de Roger. He was not the first to describe this defect, but he was the first to make clinicopathologic observations based on a number of cases.

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