Klumpke's paralysis

Klump·ke's paralysis

noun \ˈklümp-kēz-\


: atrophic paralysis of the forearm and the hand due to injury to the eighth cervical and first thoracic nerves

Biographical Note for KLUMPKE'S PARALYSIS

Dé·jé·rine–Klump·ke \dā-zhā-rēn-klüm-kē\ , Augusta (1859–1927), French neurologist. Déjérine-Klumpke was a specialist in the pathology of the nervous system. With her husband, neurologist Joseph Jules Déjérine (1849–1917), she did research on the anatomy of the nerve centers. After his death she founded a neurological laboratory at the University of Paris. She published descriptions of Klumpke's paralysis in 1885 and of lead palsy in 1889.

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