plural ho·me·op·a·thies

Definition of HOMEOPATHY

: a system of medical practice that treats a disease especially by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would in healthy persons produce symptoms similar to those of the disease—compare allopathy 1
ho·meo·path·ic or British ho·moeo·path·ic \ˌhō-mē-ə-ˈpath-ik\ adjective
ho·meo·path·i·cal·ly or British ho·moeo·path·i·cal·ly \-i-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Variants of HOMEOPATHY

ho·me·op·a·thy or British ho·moe·op·a·thy \ˌhō-mē-ˈäp-ə-thē, ˌhäm-ē-\

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