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Medical Dictionary


noun he·mo·di·lu·tion

Medical Definition of hemodilution

  1. 1:  decreased concentration (as after hemorrhage) of cells and solids in the blood resulting from gain of fluid—compare hemoconcentration

  2. 2:  a medical procedure for producing hemodilution; especially :  one performed especially to reduce the number of red blood cells lost during surgery that involves the preoperative withdrawal of one or more units of whole blood, immediate replacement with an equal volume of intravenous fluid (as saline solution), and postoperative reinfusion of withdrawn blood <hemodilution can be a safe and cost-effective alternative to preoperative autologous donation—P. V. Holland et al>

hemodilute or chiefly British haemodilute \-ˈlüt\play verb hemodiluted; hemodiluting

Variants of hemodilution

or chiefly British haemodilution \-dī-ˈlü-shən, -də-\play

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a division or portion of a pool or whole

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