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Medical Dictionary

H1 antagonist

noun \ˈāch-ˈwən-\

Medical Definition of H1 antagonist

  1. :  any of numerous drugs (such as fexofenadine or loratadine) that bind competitively with histamine to H1 receptors on cell membranes and are used to relieve allergic symptoms and variously as sedatives, antiemetics, and anticholinergics <H1 antagonists prevent and relieve the sneezing, nasal and ocular itching, rhinorrhea, tearing, and conjunctival erythema of the early allergic response to antigen, but they are less effective for the nasal blockage characteristic of the late allergic reaction.—F. Estelle R. Simons and Keith J. Simons, The New England Journal of Medicine, 9 June 1994>

Variants of h1 antagonist

or H1 receptor antagonist also H1 blocker

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