noun \grin-ˈdēl-yə, -ˈdē-lē-ə\

Definition of GRINDELIA

a capitalized : a large genus of coarse gummy or resinous composite herbs chiefly of western North America and South America b : a plant of the genus Grindelia
: the dried leaves or flowering tops of various plants of the genus Grindelia (as G. camporum, G. robusta, and G. squarrosa) sometimes used in teas as a remedy especially for bronchitis and asthma or applied as a poultice to treat skin eruptions and wounds

Biographical Note for GRINDELIA

Grin·del \ˈgrin-del\ , David Hieronymous (1776–1836), German botanist. The genus Grindelia was named in his honor in 1807 by the German botanist Karl Ludwig Willdenow (1765–1812).

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