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Medical Dictionary


noun fis·sure \ˈfish-ər, British also ˈfish-yu̇r\

Medical Definition of fissure

  1. 1:  a natural cleft between body parts or in the substance of an organ: asa:  any of several clefts separating the lobes of the liverb:  any of various clefts between bones or parts of bones in the skullc:  any of the deep clefts of the brain; especially :  one of those located at points of elevation in the walls of the ventricles—compare sulcusd:  anterior median fissure; also :  posterior median septum

  2. 2:  a break or slit in tissue usually at the junction of skin and mucous membrane <fissure of the lip>

  3. 3:  a linear developmental imperfection in the enamel of a tooth

fissured \ˈfish-ərd, British also ˈfish-yu̇rd\play play adjective

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a division or portion of a pool or whole

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