noun \ˌfag-ō-ˈpī-ˌriz-əm\
plural fag·o·py·risms also fag·o·py·ris·mus·es

Definition of FAGOPYRISM

: a photosensitization especially of swine and sheep that is due to eating large quantities of buckwheat (especially Fagopyrum esculentum of the family Polygonaceae) and that appears principally on the nonpigmented parts of the skin as an intense redness and swelling with severe itching and the formation of vesicles and later sores and scabs—compare bighead b, hypericism

Variants of FAGOPYRISM

fag·o·py·rism also fag·o·py·ris·mus \-ˌpī-ˈriz-məs\

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