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Medical Dictionary

Esmarch bandage

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noun Es·march bandage \ˈes-ˌmärk, ˈez-\

Medical Definition of Esmarch bandage

  1. :  a tight rubber bandage for driving the blood out of a limb

Biographical Note for esmarch bandage

Esmarch, Johannes Friedrich August von (1823–1908), German surgeon. Esmarch was a military surgeon who introduced a number of innovative measures and devices for battlefield use. The author of a widely used first-aid manual, he instituted training in first aid for civilian and military personnel. In 1869 he introduced the use of the first-aid bandage on the battlefield. Four years later during the Franco-Prussian War he developed the bandage now known as the Esmarch bandage.

Variants of esmarch bandage

or Esmarch's bandage \ˈes-ˌmärks-, ˈez-\play play

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