duct of Santorini

duct of San·to·ri·ni

noun \-ˌsant-ə-ˈrē-nē, -ˌsänt-\


Biographical Note for DUCT OF SANTORINI

Santorini, Giovanni Domenico (1681–1737), Italian anatomist. A professor of anatomy and medicine at Venice, Santorini published major works on anatomy in 1705 and 1724. In the latter work he wrote classic descriptions of the accessory pancreatic duct and of the small nodule at the tip of each arytenoid cartilage. He also treated such anatomical features as the facial muscles and the ampullae of Vater. He was one of the most skillful dissectors of his time, and his works on anatomy are noted for their lucid descriptions and precise graphic illustrations.

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