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Medical Dictionary

dorsalis pedis artery

noun dorsalis pe·dis artery \-ˈped-əs-, -ˈpēd-\

Medical Definition of dorsalis pedis artery

  1. :  an artery of the upper surface of the foot that is a direct continuation of the anterior tibial artery <The dorsalis pedis artery runs along the line between the first and second toe, and its pulse point is felt in the mid-foot.—Pamela Tronetti, Florida Today, 29 Nov. 2009> <In subjects with a good blood supply to the foot, the arcuate artery, a continuation of the dorsalis pedis on the dorsum of the metacarpals, can be palpated.—Derek Field and Jane Owen Hutchinson, Field's Anatomy, Palpation, and Surface Markings, 2006>

Illustration of dorsalis pedis artery

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dorsalis pedis

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