Dührssen's incisions

Dührs·sen's incisions

noun pl \ˈdu̅e̅r-sənz-\


: a set of three incisions in the cervix of the uterus to facilitate delivery if dilation is inadequate

Biographical Note for DüHRSSEN'S INCISIONS

Dührs·sen \ˈdu̅e̅r-sən\ , Alfred (1862–1933), German obstetrician-gynecologist. Dührssen is regarded as one of the founders of modern surgical gynecology. In 1893 he developed a technique for facilitating labor by making incisions in the cervix which are now known as Dührssen's incisions. In 1895 he introduced a new variation of the cesarean section in which the surgery was performed via the vaginal canal. A full description of the operation was published in 1898. He also did research on abdominal cancer.

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