crypt of Lieberkühn

crypt of Lie·ber·kühn

noun \-ˈlē-bər-ˌk(y)ün, -ˌku̅e̅n\


: any of the tubular glands of the intestinal mucous membrane—called also gland of Lieberkühn, intestinal gland, Lieberkühn's gland

Biographical Note for CRYPT OF LIEBERKüHN

Lie·ber·kühn \ˈlē-bər-ˌku̅e̅n\ Johannes Nathanael (1711–1756), German anatomist. In 1745 Lieberkühn described for the first time the structure and function of the glands, now known as the crypts of Lieberkühn, attached to the villi of the intestines. He went on to explore the circulatory vessels of animals, devising special microscopes to view in greater detail the intricacies of fluid motion within the living animal. One of the instruments which he devised was a microscope with a silver speculum that used sunlight and projected the image on a screen.

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