noun \ˈsin-ə-ˌplas-tē\
plural cin·e·plas·ties

Definition of CINEPLASTY

: surgical fitting of a lever to a muscle in an amputation stump to facilitate the operation of an artificial hand
: surgical isolation of a loop of muscle of chest or arm, covering it with skin, and attaching to it a prosthetic device to be operated by contraction of the muscle in the loop
cin·e·plas·tic \ˌsin-ə-ˈplas-tik\ also ki·ne·plas·tic \ˌkin-ə-, ˌkī-nə-\ adjective

Variants of CINEPLASTY

cin·e·plas·ty also ki·ne·plas·ty \ˈkin-ə-, ˈkī-nə-\

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