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adj Ce·ren·kov

Medical Definition of CERENKOV

:  of, relating to, or being Cerenkov radiation or the process that produces such radiation <the Cerenkov effect>
:  being a device that makes use of Cerenkov radiation <a Cerenkov counter>

Biographical Note for CERENKOV

Cherenkov, Pavel Alekseevich (1904–1990), Russian physicist. Cherenkov first discovered Cerenkov radiation in 1934. Later research by Igor Y. Tamm and Ilya M. Frank led to a definite explanation of the phenomenon. Discovery of Cerenkov radiation led to studies in cosmic rays and high-energy subatomic particles. Cherenkov, Frank, and Tamm were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1958.

Variants of CERENKOV

Ce·ren·kov also Che·ren·kov \chər-ˈ(y)eŋ-kəf\
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