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noun ceph·al·he·ma·to·ma \ˌsef-əl-ˌhē-mə-ˈtō-mə\

Medical Definition of cephalhematoma

plural cephalhematomas also cephalhematomata \-mət-ə\play play

  1. :  a usually benign swelling formed from a hemorrhage beneath the periosteum of the skull and occurring especially over one or both of the parietal bones in newborn infants as a result of trauma sustained during delivery <Examination of the newborns, both at delivery and at discharge, did not detect any increase in morbidity (e.g., fractures, cephalhematomas, or hyperbilirubinemia) in the infants of mothers whose labor was actively managed.—José A. López-Zeno et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, 13 Feb. 1992>

Variants of cephalhematoma

or cephalohematoma \ˌsef-ə-lō-ˌhē-mə-ˈtō-mə\ play or chiefly British cephalhaematoma \ˌsef-əl-ˌhē-mə-ˈtō-mə\play play or cephalohaematoma \ˌsef-ə-lō-ˌhē-mə-ˈtō-mə\ play

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