cell of Deiters

cell of Dei·ters

noun \-ˈdīt-ərz, -ərs\

Definition of CELL OF DEITERS

: one of the modified supporting cells prolonged into a process ending in a terminal plate that are placed among and alternate with the outer hair cells of the organ of Corti—called also Deiters' cell

Biographical Note for CELL OF DEITERS

Dei·ters \ˈdīt-ərs\ Otto Friedrich Karl (1834–1863), German anatomist. A student of Rudolf Virchow, Deiters made several significant contributions to the study of the anatomy of the nervous system and the inner ear. In 1865 his magnum opus on the brain and spinal marrow in mammals was posthumously published. It contained his descriptions of the structures now called the cells of Deiters and Deiters' nucleus.

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