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Medical Dictionary

Braxton–Hicks contractions

noun plural Brax·ton–Hicks contractions \ˌbrak-stən-ˈhiks-\

Medical Definition of Braxton–Hicks contractions

  1. :  relatively painless nonrhythmic contractions of the uterus that occur during pregnancy with increasing frequency over time but are not associated with labor

Biographical Note for braxton–hicks contractions

Hicks, John Braxton (1823–1897), British gynecologist. In 1871 Hicks presented evidence before the Obstetrical Society that contractions of the uterus appear early in pregnancy and persist through delivery. A year later he published his findings on these contractions, which now bear his name.

Variants of braxton–hicks contractions

or Braxton Hicks contractions

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