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Medical Dictionary


adjective axo–ax·on·ic \ˌak-sō-ak-ˈsän-ik\

Medical Definition of axo–axonic

  1. :  relating to or being a nerve synapse between an axon of one neuron and an axon of another <… axo-axonic synaptic actions can increase the amount of transmitter released by the postsynaptic cell …—Eric R. Kandel et al., Principles of Neural Science, 4th edition, 2000> <We conclude that exposure to cocaine in utero disrupts the development of the axo-axonic cells in the prefrontal cortex …—Bret A. Morrow et al., The Journal of Neuroscience, 15 June 2003> <The paucity of axo-axonal contacts in mature taste buds suggests that axonal contacts are characteristic of axons which are in the process of establishing connections with receptor cells.—Bruce Oakley, in Mechanisms of Taste Transduction, 1993>

Variants of axo–axonic

or axoaxonic also axo–axonal \-ˈak-sən-əl, -ak-ˈsän-, -ˈsōn-\ play or axoaxonal

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to expose to danger or risk

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