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adjective au·to·re·ac·tive \ˌȯt-ō-rē-ˈak-tiv\

Medical Definition of autoreactive

  1. :  produced by an organism and acting against its own cells or tissues <It has been presumed that autoreactive B cells, like normal B cells, accumulate in the follicles of lymphoid tissues after encountering antigen and begin to proliferate, producing high-affinity autoantibodies and forming germinal centers.—Yang-Xin Fu and Ursula Storb, Science, 20 Sept. 2002>


\ˌȯt-ō-(ˌ)rē-ˌak-ˈti-və-tē\ play noun plural


<At the same time, autoreactivity of B cells and T cells is present in all normal persons, and a complex set of regulatory mechanisms is required to prevent overt destruction of tissue through autoimmunity.—Peter K. Gregersen, The New England Journal of Medicine, 22 Mar. 2007>

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